Why a Bride Wears a Sixpence in Her Shoe


Wedding traditions vary widely from country to country. This even holds true in the gifts we are given or the accessories that we use or wear. One of the most baffling and uniquely fascinating of all the traditions is why the bride must have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Many people do not realize that these traditions have an actual meaning attached to them and are not something whimsical that someone came up with because it sounds good. Read on for more information to the origins of these saying and what they symbolize.

Something Old
The meaning behind something old is a simple one but does carry with it a piece of profound wisdom and advice. Something old is to remind the marrying couple where they hail from and the family history they represent. This is usually something that belonged to a mother or grandmother and is often something that she carried with her when she was married. It can also be a piece of family history, like a timepiece that was carried during a war, or piece of garment that was treasured by an ancestor. It says never forget your roots and where you come from. Remember the trials and hardships endured by your family to get us to where we are now. This custom should be honored and treasured in all aspects of our lives.

Something New
Something new symbolizes new life and the hope of health, wealth, and prosperity that new couple will strive for as they enter into their new lives together. Carrying something new into the very ceremony that binds them will (hopefully) ensure that the marriage will succeed and the couple will have a wonderful and happy life together. In today's world, this is usually the wedding dress. In years past, the dress was the something old but more and more brides prefer to have a shiny new dress indicative of the culture in which we now live.


Something Borrowed
Borrowing something from a friend or family member shows that no matter what lies ahead for the newlyweds, they can always count on help from their families and close friends in times of trouble. To know that if you need to, you can reach out to someone for help was meant to be a comfort to the bride as she entered a new phase in her life.

Something Blue
In these times of ours, white is the new purity color but back in the day, blue was considered the color of purity, modesty, loyalty, and love. All of the things that were virtuous and true were symbolized in the color blue, which was worn around the hem of women's dresses to show their pureness. Some cultures wore ribbons to show this while still other used arm bands and sashes. Blue still denotes many of these virtues and to this day, it is still the most popular color on this planet.

The last of these is the silver sixpence in her shoe. The obvious hold true as this was supposed to bring luck and financial fortune to the bride and groom. Many women still put a shiny penny in their wedding shoe to favor the winds of fortune and bring them luck in all matters financial in their wedding. Still other believe that it has to be a silver coin in order for it to work and will actually limp around with a half dollar in those uncomfortable wedding shoes.