Disneyland Before & After, Part 3

Picking up where we left off a few days ago,... The black and white "before" photo, above, shows the construction of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disneyland in 1962. The photo comes from the March 21st post on artist Kevin Kidney's excellent blog. (Kevin's other recent posts about the Treehouse appear here and here.) My current "after" photo of the same scene shows a lot more real foliage, as well as the additons to the Treehouse made during its Tarzan makeover in 1999.
The "before" photo below shows the wooden Indian at the entrance to the Westward Ho Trading Co. in Frontierland in October 1959. The image comes from the March 24th post on Daveland. (I consider Dave's blog mandatory reading.)
As you can see in my "after" photo, it's amazing how little has changed in over half a century. The inside of the store is another matter however... Davey Crockett hats and kid-sized replicas of "Old Betsy" have given way to pins for the pin traders.
See you at the Orange County Archives open house tomorrow?