Aliso Viejo's Ten-Cennial

Anniversaries are a good time to publish local histories. Huntington Beach got Joe Santiago's Ebb & Flow for its centennial, for instance. Well, this month the City of Aliso Viejo turned 10, and sure enough, here comes a new book.

Images of America: Aliso Viejo by Bob Bunyan and the Aliso Viejo Community Foundation comes in at 128 pages, total. Of those, only 13 pages deal with that particular chunk of land from pre-historic times up through the 1960s. And of those 13 pages, almost half the space is taken up with modern images of Acjachemen village re-enactments.

Of the remaining 115 pages, 28 deal with the activities of the Mission Viejo Co. in the 1970s and 1980s. The rest of the book -- that is to say, the majority of the it -- deals with Aliso Viejo proper, from development in the 1980s and 1990s through today.

I'll leave it to you whether or not this counts as history yet. But if you love Orange County's newest city, and want a keepsake, this is your go-to book.

Natalie Portman Street Styles

Who doesn’t know Natalie PortmanIf you dont let me tell you about her. Natalie Portman, whose real name is Natalie Hershlag, an actress, Israel – American , born 9 June 1981 in Jerusalem. She made ​​her film debutin Leon from Luc Besson , alongside Jean Reno in 1994 . It achieves the status of international celebrity in 1999 with the release of Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace in which she plays Padme Amidala . It retains this role in episodes II and III , respectively released in 2002 and 2005 . After then she became famous in all over the world. fashtrendz has gathered an immense collection of her wonderful street styles. Enjoy..!

 Natalie Portman
 Natalie Portman
 Natalie Portman
 Natalie Portman in black
 awesoem style by Natalie Portman
 simple jean style Natalie Portman

 Natalie Portman in iron coat
she looking nice in long coat

Lorenz Baumer - The Making Of Princess Charlene's Tiara

I am a huge fan of Lorenz Baumer.
Not only is he an extraordinary jewelry designer,
who can produce beautiful pieces with engineered precision,
he knows how to create true mystique.
And what is fine jewelry without mystique...

Gorgeous Osiris Shoes

Gorgeous Osiris Shoes

Medical photos during operation

 Medical photos during operation
 Medical photos during operation
 Medical photos during operation
 Medical photos during operation

 Medical photos during operation

awesome eye photos during operation

Lindsay Lohan | Kingdom of Beauty

 Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, pop singer and model. She began her career as a child fashion modelbefore making her motion picture debut in Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap at the age of 11. Lohan gained further fame between 2003 and 2005 with leading roles in the films Freaky FridayMean Girls and HerbieFully Loaded, subsequently appearing in independent films including Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion andEmilio Estevez's Bobby.

Nails Art Designs

 So I was stumbling upon some websites and I came across a picture of some really beautiful artwork which really caught my attention and it really managed to hold my seeking attention for quite a longer period and guess what? Well its certainly a Nail Art. Well as far as I can see through my Fashion Seeking Material Eyes, I would say that I loved every bit of that artwork.

 Nails Art

 Nails Art with ice cubes 

horror  Nails Art

 Beauty of nails

Judge Pleasants and wolves

The photo above shows Judge J. E. Pleasants in about 1900. I briefly discussed him in my last entry and said that "Much, much more can be said about Pleasants, but that's a whole 'nuther post."

Some wiseguy soon responded, "...Get with it and follow-up with articles on 'the judge.'"

That was already my intention. But the more I dug into the story, the more I realized that to do any kind of justice at all to the man's story, one would need to write a book. So I've started a Pleasants file, and maybe the book will happen someday.

Short of that, I offer you this link to a biographical thumbnail sketch and timeline, from the finding aid for the Pleasants Family Collection in UCI's Special Collections.

For a small sample of the kind of colorful stories omitted by such summaries, I offer the following tale, told by Pleasants and quoted in Terry Stephenson's Shadows of Old Saddleback. The story took place in the 1860s, when Pleasants was foreman of the Rancho Lomas de Santiago.

"In the upper Canada de Las Ranas [a.k.a. Peters Canyon], the Precitas [Canyon] and the Limestone [Canyon], a pack of seven big timber wolves pestered our stock. ... Among the vaqueros was one of Spanish descent named Aramente who had a 7-year-old son named Stanislaus. One evening the boy was sent afoot by his father to bring in a horse. ... The boy found him feeding on the plains out where the golf grounds were afterward located. Stanislaus caught the animal, but was unable to mount him, so with his little dog trotting along beside him, he was leading the horse toward home... when the pack of wolves swooped down off the hills and rushed at him. By waving his arms and by his cries, the little fellow kept the wolves off. They ran round and round, jumping at him, snapping their jaws. They would have killed the boy, I am sure, if the dog had not intervened. That plucky little dog got his teeth in a wolf, and the whole pack turned on him. While the wolves were killing the brave dog, the boy ran toward home.
"Becoming anxious over the failure of Stanislaus to return... Aramante and I rode out to look for him and had just reached the crest... when we saw the boy running toward us nearly exhausted and in a terrible fright. The wolves, sensing our approach, had turned and we glimpsed them fleeing over the hills."

Who knew Orange County had wolves?

Of course it doesn't anymore. After this harrowing experience, the pack of wolves was made "enemy number one" on the rancho and didn't survive long. And we've heard of no local wolf sitings since.

I tell you this to ease the concerns of those readers who may have built their condominiums out of straw or sticks.

Weekend Reading - Sarah's Key

If you haven't already read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
I recommend it highly.
It's a fast easy read about a serious subject.

I haven't seen the film yet but I'm looking forward to it.

It stars Kristin Scott Thomas, I love her don't you?

Also, when reading the book I noticed a strange coincidence.
The main character in the book is from the same town in Massachusetts that I lived in, she attended the same school that I went to...and she had a friend from that school by the same name as one of my friend's from that very same school, and the name was unusual. 
Isn't that weird?  

Fashion Earrings Jewelry Swing

 Personalized Fashion Earrings Jewelry Design Concept
 Personalized Fashion Earrings Jewelry Design Concept

 Personalized Fashion Earrings Jewelry Design Concept
Personalized Fashion Earrings Jewelry Design Concept