High Top Shoes ; Nike Detailed

High Top Shoes ; Nike Detailed



And You Thought Diana At 50 Was Bad

I love Vanity Fair magazine...have I told you that before?
They wasted no time on one-upping Tina Brown's tacky Newsweek cover

with their own take on dead royalty

This made my week.

Around Town - Larry Crowne Premiere in Hollywood

Julia Roberts on the red carpet for the Larry Crowne premiere last night in Hollywood.
She wore a beautifully tailored Gucci suit with in navy blue, a vintage Jean Mahie triple strand emerald bead necklace and diamond stud earrings from Beladora.com and a megawatt smile.
Totally simple and non-fussy but totally chic,
don't you think?

Is this film on your must see list for this summer?

Beloved Tennis Shoes

Beloved Tennis Shoes

Looking For Our 15 Minutes Of Fame

I have been waiting for months to see these photos of Penelope Cruz in the UK edition of GQ magazine
and here they are

Ms Cruz, or should I say Senora Bardem,
was styled by the amazing George Cortina and photographed by Mario Sorrenti.
We were hoping to see some Beladora jewelry in the photos, as we provided some goods for the shoot,
but, as you can tell by the images, her beauty was enough and no additional adornment was needed.
That's how these things go sometimes.

At any given time (like tonight) we will have jewelry out on loan for an A list star event or for a magazine shoot but we never know if the goods will will actually make it into a photo. 
That is just the nature of these things.

Next time, perhaps.
Fingers and Toes!

New Wedding Cakes

 Absolutely stunning is the best way I can describe this amazing Gothic Wedding cake from Venues Cakes.  I came across this site whilst trying to find out a little bit about the new Wedding TV  programme which is starting on 11th May 2010 on Sky, The GreatCake Bake.  The idea for the show is that six brides give their theme, or ideas to six wedding cake designers who are given three of the categories and they then have to come up with original designs for each category, the brides then choose their favourite design.  Amanda who created this gothic cake can explain it much better on her blog at Venues Cakes where you will find fantastic pictures with plenty of detailed shots of this and the shoe and steam punk cakes she created, this is one very talented cake designer.

New Wedding Cakes

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Playing With Polyvore - Portofino Summer Style

Portofino Summer

H M flared dress
£25 - hm.com

Turquoise shoes
£12 - office.co.uk

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather clutch
£175 - net-a-porter.com

Emilio Pucci straw hat
€70 - lindestore.com

Juicy Couture glass shades
$98 - endless.com


Cameron Diaz

 Photographer Jeff Dunas spots 16-year-old Cameron Diaz at a party and offers to help her land modeling work. Within days she has a contract with Elite and shortly thereafter is working for clients such as Coca-Cola and Nivea. “She has an energy, an electricity in her face, a sparkle that is unmistakable,” Dunas tells PEOPLE in 1998.

 Cameron Diaz
 Cameron Diaz
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Hottest Photo of Air Jordan Shoes

Hottest Photo of Air Jordan Shoes

Saturday Morning Miscellany

Earlier this year I started planning a summer vacation in Italy.  and you know what they say about the best laid plans....
So instead of traipsing around the Italian countryside and islands
I'm reading (and vastly enjoying) the Gervais de Bédée blog written by garden designer Paul Gervais
With posts about villas of Perugia, small hotels of Sardinia and gardens of Chianti
I'm getting my little fix of the beauty of Italy
just look at the photos

Luscious, aren't they?

Have a great weekend!

A Random Walk Down Rodeo Drive

Yesterday, while taking a random walk down Rodeo Drive,
this is what I saw.

FOR MY AyseByzanzCrazy

A woman in the back of a foil wrapped pickup truck with a weird red, white and blue dress constructed out of foil.
Yes, there goes the neighborhood.

Note:  Tish gives us street photography of lovely Parisiennes
BHB gives you the local fashion fringe freaks...just because we can.
Happy Friday

Nike High Heels 4

Nike High Heels 4

Huntington Beach, Yost Theatre, and bye to pie

My computer is still thrashed and awaiting delivery of TWO new harddrives. So the posts are still few and far between here -- using a borrowed computer. Anyway,... Today's photos show one of the most under-appreciated (but very cool) buildings in Downtown Huntington Beach: The deco/moderne Cut-Rate Drug Store, which still stands today at the corner of Main St. and Walnut.

The store was built in 1938 by well-known local oil-tool mogul S. R. Bowen. A number of sources place the construction date earlier, but this photo (below) from the 3-3-1938 issue of The Huntington Beach News settles the issue.

I received the following email about Santa Ana's historic Yost Theatre today, and I thought someone might be able to help:

Hello. I'm working on the Yost Theatre, reconstructing the upper part of the stage area, and I was wondering if you had (or knew of anyone with) photos from say 1940 to 1960. If so, please pass along my email address. ...Thanks. oddjobfortwo@gmail.com
Sad news: Orange County restaurant chain Marie Callender's is in Chapter 11, and many locations are closing. The story is in the Register.

How To Wear Estate Jewelry - Shades of Gray For Summer

I'm not ignoring you...really I'm not.
It's just that I've been busy, really busy.

For some reason it's been a celebrity filled week
and...I'm still waiting for Lady Gaga's people to get back to my people...
you know how those things go.

I had wanted to post about the new Chanel collection
a Byzantine beauty if I ever saw one
but Tabitha beat me to it...and added poetry!
So go read her post.

Here at the HQ, we love to see jewelry worn on the head
so the diadems in these ads are especially appealing.
Also, have you noticed the recent Harry Winston and Van Cleef ads for diamond barrettes?
That is the trend in jewelry
along with vintage brooches
You heard it here first.

Summer may have officially started but it is still gray, foggy and cold every morning
and while I'd love to whip out the summer whites and pastels,
I'm still wearing winter colors like this charcoal gray
Luckily, it matches my Beladora pearl jewelry

God I look old and tired in this shot
Hopefully botox and a beach vacation will be coming up in my near future!