Cordelia Knott(?), trains, El Toro, Santa Ana, Fox

Maybe you can help me with this one. It's been a long day, I'm tired, and my judgement isn't as good as it could be. The photo above is from Our Lovely Orange Corespondent, and the woman on the left of the photo is her great-grandmother. Obviously, the photo was taken in the Pitchur Gallery at Knott's Berry Farm in the 1940s, which is why she sent it to me. But what interested me most was the woman holding her great-grandmother's hand. I think the second woman from the left in this photo bears a striking resemblance to Cordelia Knott. Or is it just me? You tell me.
If this is Cordelia, this must be right at the beginning of Ghost Town (circa 1941), based on her appearance. And no, there are no known family stories about being great friends with the Knotts. But who knows? LOTS of people knew the Knotts back then, and it probably wasn't considered a big deal -- Just another nice, industrious family, etc.
Our Lovely Orange Corespondent also shot some video today of the historic Santa Fe 3751 highballing past the Orange Depot . Note the California Zephyr cars tacked onto the back of the train.
I spent much of today at the Rancho Days Fiesta at Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro (or Lake Forest for you newbies), and saw a lot of cool stuff. Some of it will undoubtedly become "blog fodder," beginning with this carriage below...
The carriage was in the barn used by the Saddleback Area Historical Society, and stands next to a panel which reads:
This buggy was built by the W.F. Lutz Co. in Santa Ana, California before the turn of the century. It originally sold for approximately $54. This buggy was first purchased and used by a Santa Ana doctor. It was later used by the Plavan family, who farmed in Southwest Santa Ana. It was donated to the Saddleback Area Historical Society by Shirlie Plavan, an El Toro pioneer. The buggy was restored in 1985 by Leroy Evans for $440. He donated many hours of time to returning this piece of Orange County history to [its] former glory.
The Fox Fullerton Theatre will celebrate its 85th birthday on May 11th with a free showing of Citizen Kane on its outside wall, beginning at 7:15 pm. (The inside of the theatre is still being restored/renovated.)