Spanish-American War, HCC, & O.C. Hospital

Two more images from Irvine Park today. These are from the Spanish American War Monument, which I also mentioned last month. The plaque above is made from metal salvaged from the U.S.S. Maine. The plaque below provides the names of the men of Company L who served in that war. If you'd like to learn more about Company L, track down a copy of Charles Swanner's book, The Story of Company L, Santa Ana's Own (1958). It's available in many libraries and used copies for sale aren't too rare either.
Stephanie George of COPH pointed out today that it's been "thirty-eight years since Heritage Coordinating Council [HCC] was founded as a volunteer group committed to preserving the heritage of Orange County. " The HCC is made up of representatives from various historical libraries, museums, archives and related facilities and organizations throughout the county. It mainly acts as a professional organization with each of us learning about the collections and projects of others -- sharing information and resources.
If your historical organization is interested in getting involved in HCC, be sure to check their website and ask about coming to their Sept 7th meeting. As Steph wrote, "We’ve sent out invitations to libraries, universities, museums, and archives in the past, but sometimes, people slip through the cracks. It’d be nice to meet some of our colleagues who aren’t already a part of this group."
By the way, if you didn't get over to see the historic Orange County Hospital (1914) in Orange, forget about it. The bulldozers have done their thing.