San Juan Capistrano & Father St. John O'Sullivan

I know I'm on a bit of a San Juan Capistrano kick here, but bear with me. Today's images come from another promotional booklet from the collection of William Hockinson. This booklet (cover shown below) is from 1915, and includes a couple interesting images of Capistrano in a more rustic state.
The image above is one I haven't seen before. It shows a tortilla maker plying her trade in the great outdoors. Very cool.
The image below shows part of Mission San Juan Capistrano as it appeared in the teens.
I recently picked up a small book from the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society entitled, Little Chapters about Father St. John O'Sullivan, by Jan Schlan Siegel. It's an excellent introduction to the man who overcame a variety of challenges and restored the ruined Mission into the beautiful historical site we have today. He became quite the expert on historic restoration and was a great help to other California mission with their own projects. The book is $5 at the O'Neill Museum, and is definitely worth picking up.