The Ziggurat, Doris Walker, and Louise Booth

Brent Walker just posted an interesting story and related photos (including the one above) about his mom's involvement in the making of the sci-fi movie, Death Race 2000, which was filmed at the Ziggurat Building (now the Chet Holifield Federal Building) in Laguna Niguel in 1975. (Read the article.) His mom, of course, was local journalist, author and historian Doris Walker, who died tragically last year. The photo above shows Doris with the film's star, David Carradine.

I understand discussions are underway in Dana Point, with civic leaders deciding what should be named in Doris' honor: A park, an island, or some other notable local site. Aside from Richard Henry Dana himself (who already has the whole town named after him), I can't think of anyone more appropriate to receive such an honor in that city.

Update on Louise Booth: I just added a bunch of additional information about the life and passing of local historian Louise Booth on my previous post about her. (Click to link back to that post.)