Wonderful Words For A Wedding or My Nomination For Blog Post Of The Year

Like most of you, I've enjoyed reading the many by invitation only wedding inspired posts by my favorite bloggers.
And, I was particularly moved by the lovely post by Tish at A Femme d'un Certain Age.
Tish posted the speech written by her 'reason for living in France', that she gave in his place at her own daughter's wedding.
Here's just a part:
1.) Love is easy -- it's simply chemistry.
2.) Happiness is not merely a word. It is a decision.
3.) Once that decision is taken, it allows you to face any situation no matter how difficult. (And you can be sure there will be difficult situations.)
4.) And how about fidelity? Fidelity is the supreme luxury one offers the other no matter what the price in order to preserve and protect your precious couple.
5.) A sense of humor makes up for the rest and heaven knows you and Will are rather gifted in that domain.

Not that anyone asked my opinion but I nominate Tish's post as the blog post of the year.