2011 Prom | Prom Dress and Gown


Prom dresses of 2011 will be a new trend in fashion as many trends will be gone soon. Fortunately, that's not the case with prom dresses. Even though each new prom season has its own stars, the majority of prom dresses remain in style for a long time, with a few minor modifications. Searching for prom dresses can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are a newcomer to the formal dress world. Specifically for the prom amateurs like you, here is a list of popular terms and definitions related to prom dresses, along with short flattery guidelines for each dress style. We guarantee they will help you shop more confidently and successfully.

An empire cut dress has a high waistline (commonly starting underneath the bust) and a long, full skirt that moves straight from this waistline. The empire style camouflages a pear shape or thick waist and helps to create an impression of height for short or petite figures.

A sheath is a slim dress with minor fabric element that hugs shape and outlines the silhouette of your physical structure. The sheath is perfect for sleeveless styles and is likely to show off a well-toned physique. Sheath dresses are certainly beautiful and elegant on tall, slim body shape. Check out Faviana Dress #6564 - beaded chiffon with ruffle back detail with rhinestone straps.

new style creates a unique, alluring prom dress appearance

An A-line dress has a form-fitted bodice that flares out from the natural waistline to a full skirt. Such a gown features a seamless waist and can also be known as a princess-cut dress. The lightly flared style flatters many body types and is especially ideal for disguising huge hips and thighs. Look for Sherri Hill #3802 - Orange strapless long gown

A tea-length dress is a dress that's hemmed to end just at the shin. It has a fun, flirty appearance that is perfect for a slightly casual or more laid-back appearance at the prom. This particular dress style is ideal if your calves are your best asset or if you have a tall, slender figure.

A high-low dress is hemmed long in the back (at the ankles or to the ground) and just over the knees in the front. This fashionable, new style creates a unique, alluring prom dress appearance. It is perfect for showing off long legs and hourglass figure.


A ball gown is characterized by a very full skirt that starts at the natural waist and continues to ground length. The waist is seamed and may even be designed in a variety of shapes and designs. The ball gown style visually cuts the entire body in two and is best on average to tall body shape. Check out Sherri Hill #2223 - White alluring strapless dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt.

Prom dresses of 2011 are going to be released soon; therefore it's fascinating to find out which of the basic styles will the designer transform for next year's fashion. Despite the fact that there can never be a major change on the style of dress, it will be good to find out which one will the designer modify and which one will remain the same. You will discover during spring of next season.