Celebrity's Wedding Inspired : Julia Roberts Bridesmaid Gown Ideas


With the exact theme of a formal wedding, one that suggests refinement and fine aesthetically sense is the picture of Julia Roberts’s bridesmaid gown in the movie “My best friend’s wedding”. This appearance combines on the one hand a youthful attitude for a young lady, with the imposing formal dress style, with a pleasant color. She is here of a chestnut color of her hair and this is what makes the dress look on her as a great combination of nuances. But as well it can be considered suitable for a blond girl as it brightens the whole view, and as well for a brunette one as the dark color will point out the purple.

To be more specific let’s make the proper and detailed description. Julia Roberts is wearing a dress of a lavender nuance- it is not too fade off, nor too shrill. A pleasant soft color coming with some yellow details added. The cut of the dress is aimed to put more accents on the above part, on the cleavage: it is a off the shoulders dress type, with a halter corset under. On the one hand, it makes the balance in proportions, between shoulders, hips and waist; on the other hand it accentuated the cleavage into a modest way.


The picture of Julia Roberts’s bridesmaid gown in the movie “My best friend’s wedding” can become one of your choices for your bridesmaids easily and with no any worries. This dress type is made out of satin and fallows the body shapes from top to bottom so that you add the sexy look as well. Long and tight on the body, with clearly aim to reveal the silhouette it is everything that a woman would like about a dress.

Stylish is the word for this dress, outstanding is what your bridesmaid will look in it. It is hard to find a wedding gown pattern for your maids of honors, one that brings a little bit form everything: the joy of colors, the fanciness of the cut of the dress along with a limit imposed as not too fall into that category of a shrill or too decked out vision. Just perfect.