It's Only Teenage Wasteland

Well, as more and more reports come out about the riots in the UK I'm not surprised to read about who some of the young looters were
The middle class 'rioters' revealed: The millionaire's daughter, the aspiring musician and the organic chef all in the dock

Take this young lady on the left in this photo
According to the Daily Mail
this cocktail dress clad young lady is the desperate, downtrodden and obviously disenfranchised
Laura Johnson who lived a Dikensian existence

at this horrible country house - tenement with a tennis court

Millionaire's daughter Laura Johnson, 19, was charged with stealing £5,000-worth of electronic goods, including a Toshiba TV, Goodmans TV, microwave and mobile phones.The goods were allegedly found in a car being driven by Miss Johnson after a branch of Comet in Charlton, south-east London, was raided.Bexleyheath magistrates heard that a 'public order kit' of balaclava, gloves and a bandana was also found in the car.Miss Johnson attended St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington, Kent, the fourth best performing state school in the country, after transferring from its sister school Newstead Wood.
She achieved A*s in French, English literature, classical civilisation and geography A-levels, and is now studying English and Italian at Exeter University.

Yeah, the millionaire's daughter probably needed another microwave oven...
don't they all...

opportunistic looting by so many well fed but obviously not well bred students
they should be ashamed

Teenage Wasteland indeed