Well We All Slog On...

Yes, I know
This week there's not much to be happy about
Consumer spending is down for the first time in two years
Gold Prices reached another record high
Unemployment is through the roof

So why am I smiling in my vintage silver jewelry?

I'm smiling because it's summer...still

and because my brother and my nephew will be in California this week
and because my entire family is getting together for a barbecue

and because while we are always in some sort of economic crisis or another
we just get used to it and slog on

I'm also smiling because at Beladora.com we are in the unique position of being able to offer
jewelry by uber trendy designers
whose jewelry is sold at Barney's New York
such as Pippa Small, Renee Lewis and Aurora Lopez Mejia
at a fraction of the Barney's price
(the jewelry is not uploaded to the website yet...but I'm telling you about it first)

Aurora Lopez Mejia jewelry in 18K

and because at Beladora2.com we've got fabulous vintage sterling silver jewelry which looks great and is priced for these tough economic times

Vintage Silver Jewelry

On we shall slog