Knott's, Fullerton, place names, silent films, etc.

Today's image was the cover of the Fall 1973 issue of the Knott's Berry Farm employee magazine, The Knotty Post. (Note that it was a real magazine, not just a newsletter!) This issue corresponded with the very first Halloween Haunt at Knott's, which makes it a bit more significant than some. Besides, with a rocket-powered witch and a grizzled prospector (another appearance by Whittles) on this cover, what's not to love?

At Casa Romantica in San Clemente, Oct. 26, at 7pm, Jean Pasco and Susan Berumen of the Orange County Archives will give a talk about the creation of the Archives' “On Location: Orange County in Silent Film” exhibit. (Part of the exhibit is currently on display at Casa Romantica through the 26th.) The evening will include a showing of the first movie shot in Orange County: "Two Brothers," featuring Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, and Mission San Juan Capistrano. Adults $7. Students/Children: Free.

I'm told the new Fullerton History Room at the Fullerton Public Library has already been open for business for a while. The room has moved to a larger space on the main floor rather than the small-but-much-loved nook upstairs. Check their new website for hours of operation.

Is seems strange that these "History Rooms" at city libraries lose their names when they move. When Anaheim's moved, it stopped being the Elizabeth Schultz Room. Now, Fullerton's collection no longer has Albert Launer's name attached to it. But in both cases the collections moved into a larger and better space -- and that's the really important thing.

Speaking of the Fullerton Public Library, they will host historian Phil Brigandi on Oct. 25th at 7pm. He'll speak about Orange County Place Names A-Z. Phil will also be among the many notable speakers at this weekend's CCPH Conference in Riverside.