New O.C. "History Hikes" & San Juan Hot Springs

If you're reading this blog, I assume you have at least some interest in Orange County history. Do you also enjoy the great outdoors?

If so, you should check out the Orange County Historical Society's (OCHS) first "History Hike," which will take place on Nov. 20th. This first trek will be to historic (and seldom-seen) San Juan Hot Springs. From a sacred Indian site to a century of different resorts at this location, these springs have been drawing visitors for thousands of years. The buildings that once stood here (as shown in the 1890 photo above, courtesy the Anaheim Public Library) are long gone, but ruins can still be found, as can the occasional ancient artifact. And of course, the hot water still bubbles and flows.
The color photos above and below come from my last visit to the springs, with a fascinating group of historians, archaeologists, and local Indians. The area is quite beautiful.

About the History Hike program, OCHS writes,...
"To help expose, educate and connect people to Orange County’s fascinating history, the Orange County Historical Society is launching a new program — Orange County History Hikes. These hikes will take place at least a couple times per year, and are open to the public. Each hike will showcase an Orange County historical destination, allowing history and hiking enthusiasts to see some of these destinations in a new way. Hikes will vary in distance, topography and difficulty, but will stay within a range that most reasonably fit people can accomplish."
For a lot more information about this event and how to sign-up, link on over to Colleen and Jeff Green's great blog: Greene Adventures