Disneyland: Steps In Time - Carnation

Today's images show what was once the Carnation Ice Cream Shoppe (now the Carnation Cafe) on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland. Even as we speak, it's being revamped/redesigned for the umpteenth time, providing more indoor dining space for what has become one of the few table-service restaurants in the park. The illustration above, courtesy Kevin Kidney, shows what the building was supposed to look like on opening day in 1955. The image below, courtesy Daveland, shows the building as it appeared in Dec. 1962.
 Although the name has stayed a part of this building, the Carnation Company has evaporated -- just like its famous milk. Nestle purchased Carnation, and now uses the name on only a few products. It's a far cry from the days when Carnation was a well known name in dairy and its wholesome image was a perfect match for Disneyland. 

Carnation also hosted Plaza Gardens -- a dance venue which just recently shut down to make way for a "Princess meet-and-greet" area. It's a loss for all those who enjoyed big band music.

The photo below shows the Carnation Cafe as it appears today.
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