Man Oh Man - Michael Fassbender in W!

Every so often I think that things are going to slow down and that I'm going to be able to take a little break from my real life and catch up on all the blogs that I've missed over the past few months...
and then things speed up even more!
Such is life, non?
But being busy means all good things in my life.

While my time to blog has been drastically limited to a few minutes here and there I wanted to share with you something special.

Yeah, I thought that you would think that this was special too!

Miss de Ville was lucky enough to get to deliver the Beladora jewelry to this photo shoot and get a glimpse of Mr. Fassbender in dishabille.

Here is the ring that he was wearing in this photo.

As I've mentioned here before, we send out copious amounts of jewelry for magazine photo shoots, but we never know whether or not our pieces will make it into print...until we see the magazine.
So of course we are thrilled to see our estate jewelry in W, ELLE, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, InStyle and other major fashionista magazines.
(Thank you editors and stylists...we LOVE you!)

Outside of all things Beladora I've been busy reading all the George R.R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon books.  Because of my minor amount of obsessive compulsiveness, when I find an author that I like, I tend to read their entire oeuvre
Do you do that too?
Luckily, with my trip next week to the Miami International Antiques and Estate Jewelry, I will have plenty of time on the cross country flight to read.
What are you reading right now?
Can you make some suggestions?
While I love Martin and Gabaldon...I'd like to find some books that have less than 700 plus pages!