Around Orange County with Esther Cramer

Today's photos are all of Esther Cramer (see yesterday's post) and were provided by our mutual friend, Don Dobmeier. The photo above shows Esther on a 1974 field trip to North Orange County historic sites. Yes, she was already on the Orange County Historical Commission then. The photo below shows some of the Commissioners on their way to another historical trek in Feb. 1976. From left to right are Commissioners Gibson, Prothero, Baum, Dobmeier, Chilcote, Cramer, and Sleeper. (I was four at the time, and nobody thought to invite me.)
I'm told 1976 was a very busy year for the Commission. With the country's bicentennial celebration going full-throttle, the pressure was on to identify and plaque the hell out of various historical sites. Cal State Fullerton's Heritage House (1894), a.k.a. the Dr. George Clark House, shown below, was only one among many. In this photo we see Esther speaking at the dedication of the County historical plaque at the Clark House.

Today's final photo shows Esther speaking at a historical dedication of some kind at the Modjeska Home in 1994. Supervisor Gaddi Vasquez is the second from the right among the seated dignitaries. And I think that may be Pamela Harrell wearing blue in the back row.
I have not heard yet about plans for a memorial service for Esther. When I do, I'll certainly post the information on this blog.