Easter bonnets and fried chicken

 It's Easter 1960-something at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant in Buena Park, and the staff are showing off the latest in spring fashions, starting with Mrs. Knott herself (shown above). Does anyone know what elves have to do with Easter?
Next up is one of the waitresses, wearing the Easter egg version of a Carmen Miranda hat. (Click to enlarge any of these images. It's worth it.) Note that some of these photos were taken inside the restaurant's kitchen, which is sort of interesting to see.
 Next up is a hat made of an Easter basket full of flowers, on top of a plate, balanced on a napkin, balanced on a waitress' head. Stunning. I'm beginning to wonder if they weren't having a "make your own Easter bonnet" contest.
Another of the waitresses found (or made) a hat that actually matched her dress. Even with the bunnies dancing around on it, it somehow maintains a bit of dignity.
Try to have a happy Easter,... Even if you don't have Peeps and an elf on your hat.