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These are the best farms creatred in farm ville now a days to get these farmsthere are lots of  tricks and helps  provided to get it click here.
FarmVille is a very fun and very addicting game. There is just something so satisfying about leveling up and expanding in this virtual world. Players want to level up as fast as they can and get as much out of their farm as possible and in order to do this you must learn the secrets to leveling up and you must get coins and cash so you can expand. There are five farmville secrets that I will be explaining to you to help you grow and improve your farm in FarmVille.

Secret Number 1: Don't Farm Without Friends

FarmVille is a Facebook game and what is Facebook, it's a social networking site. So the creators of the game reward people for social interactions. Getting neighbors is the main way to go about getting these rewards. Many people will try to get everybody they have on their schedule to join FarmVille and become their neighbor and that is a good start but there are more ways to gain these rewarding residents. Joining forums is a great way to meet people and persuade them to become your neighbor. Also don't be afraid to add your friend's friends and ask them. They won't mind they may even get a real kick out of it.

Secret Number 3: Play Smart!
Make good use of your time. Create a schedule if you need to. That's one of the big things that helps players rise to the top. Other players think they don't need a schedule or that making a schedule is stupid but trust me I know from experience that a schedule can make a huge difference in how fast you level up and improve. Also have a plan of which crops you will plant and so on so you can harvest them on time. You don't want to miss a harvest and have waited all that time for nothing..

Secret Number 2: Don't Go Crop Crazy
Make sure you do not focus only on one type of crop. This is a mistake I see all the time and the answer to the problem is simple. Mix it up. Maybe one week you focus your attention on crops that will give you cash and then the next you focus on crops that will help with XP. Just make sure you have a good variety and you mix it up nicely for maximum benefits.

Secret Number 4: Seed Selection
As you make your way up more seeds become available to you. Make good choices about the seeds you purchase. Having a schedule and planning ahead should help with this.

Secret Number 5: Extra Help!
You will not be able to become a top farmer on your own. The secrets given in this article are very basic ones to help you improve your farm and get you planning and thinking more. If you really want to know true top secrets that will have you dominatingFarmVille and leave your friends in awe then I definitely recommend getting yourself a guide. They don't cost much and they are a great investment if you truly want to make the most out of your farm and make your way to the top as fast as possible.