Miu Miu Polka Dot Platform Sandal



This post is a part of a new series I recently started on ShoeRazzi called Which Shoes? I recently chose 4 sandals and the readers voted on which shoe I should purchase. I was a little surprised when I saw that the Miu Miu was the reader’s favorite choice. This sandal is very cute & I wanted to share my in-depth review

Color: Compared to the stock image seen on retail sites, in person the shoe looks just a tad bit different in color. The blue is just a little more subdued. I also noticed that the polka dots are feathered by a green shadow around the circumference.

Texture: These sandals are made from printed linen canvas with a leather insole & outsole. It features a dainty 5-hole buckled strap. Since the linen canvas is a tougher material the buckled strap was a bit tough at first to loosen up.

Fit: When I arrived in Austin, I was excited to see the shoes waiting for me. I ripped the box open & my initial response was that they’re super cute. I wore them walking around downtown Austin and started to break them in. What does “breaking them in” mean to me? I have found very few heels that are immediately completely comfortable. They are 5″ heels so I do expect to wear them a couple of times to get my foot used to them. So far I’ve worn them twice and don’t have any blisters or red marks.

I’ve already received great compliments even from strangers while wearing them around. They’re perfect for spring and will work great for my time in Austin. The polka dots make it a fun heel & so far I’m really enjoying wearing them. [via]