Vintage Celine - When The Classics Come Back

Today I was perusing the editor's picks for best Spring accessories on
and look what I found

I'm glad that I still have virtually the same bag that I purchased at the Celine boutique in Paris
in the mid 1980s. (My bag has the Celine logo on the clasp and a shorter strap)
(I actually bought 3 Celine bags on that trip and happily I still have them all)
I doubt that I paid as much as $340 for that bag then...and I got the VAT back.
Will carry it this Spring?  Probably not.
But it makes me happy just to know that I'm so thrifty that I'm chic because I kept this and several other nice bags from my former life as a trophy wife.

Trophy wife or David pointed out in his comment that Celine was the poor girl's Hermes and he was absolutely correct.  So I shall amend my description to having been a trophy wife married to a thrifty Swiss banker!