Another Saturday at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

Saturday morning in Las Vegas. 
Only two more days of the antique and estate jewelry show...thank god.

Trade shows are exhausting, both physically and mentally.
For someone like me who spends the majority of my work day sitting in front of a computer, being on my feet from 10am to 7pm is difficult.  I have to admit that I'm totally impressed by the chic NY and European dealers who show up everyday in high heels.  How do they stand in heels all day long?
Honestly, I dress for comfort and practicality at these if you see a middle aged woman in a boring black skirt and shirt and fugliest birkinstocks ever...yes that would be me.  And no, I don't care what anyone thinks about my ugly shoes.

Then there is the mental challenge of dealing with the dealers.  Don't get me wrong, there so many awesome dealers at this show.  If you've never seen an Indian or an Israeli dealer negotiating on the price of a loose diamond, let me tell you, it is a thing of beauty.  They will just stand there and offer a price that they know is well below your asking price just to see if they can wear you down.  It's not even about the money when it comes to a matter of a couple of hundred dollars on a 13 carat's about the game. These dealers have superior negotiating skills and they are charming and fun to do business with.  You can learn a lot by observing them in action.

Here's the view from my room at the Bellagio.  Luckily, the Bellagio is conveniently located across the street from the show which is being held at the fabulously faux french, Paris Hotel.  Seriously, could theParis hotel be a little more stereotypical?  The only thing missing is a man on a bicycle with a beret and a baguette.

So what are these shows all about? 
Buying and selling of course...and making contacts and seeing who has what, and understanding where prices are going in the trade....and if you haven't guessed...that would be up.

My days are spent looking at case after case of amazing estate jewelry.  Imagine a huge convention center room just filled with showcase after showcase of bling. I always wonder why anyone would buy brand new jewelry when there is so much pre-owned jewelry out there.
Anyone need a strand of South Sea pearls....or twenty?
Or how about an humongous diamond collar necklace?
Leaving the major bling aside, I concentrate on my niche product which is signed jewelry that is actually wearable and affordable...because really, how many opportunities do you have to wear a humongous diamond collar necklace?
Here's a cool piece from Cartier that I looked at yesterday. I didn't end up buying it because it was priced too high...note the calculator beneath my hand.  I have to buy below a very specific price point in order to be certain that Beladora can offer the most attractive prices on the internet.   It's getting more and more difficult with the rising prices of gold, gemstones and manufacturing.  But, we've picked up some great pieces and overall I'm happy with the show.
The day ends with coming back to the room and getting gussied up for dinner.
Here I am in my room, gussied up, sort of. 
At least the birkinstocks are off and the ballet flats are on.
Not being the adventuresome types, we don't even bother to the leave the hotel at night.
We have a routine and we stick with it.
Besides there are enough restaurants at the hotel that we can try a different one each night. I recommend Yellowtail for sushi and Prime if you want good food with quiet ambiance.
After dinner it's off to the Fontana bar terrace to watch the water show and discuss the business over cognac and cigars.
At about 11pm we go our separate ways.  Since I'm not a gambler, I avoid the casino like the plague.  
The others, I suspect, end up at the black jack tables until the late hours...but I wouldn't know because I'm in my room with a book. I definitely require a decent nights sleep if I'm going to be 10% as sharp as the diamond dealers!
One of these days I'd like to come to Las Vegas when I don't have to work.  I think that spending the day basking in the sun by the pool and going to a show or two might be fun.