Vintage Jewelry - Why Not Wear It, Sell It or Restyle It?

Since I've been away in Las Vegas, partying it up and dancing on tables all night long
I've fallen way behind on catching up on all of your blogs.
why does FF love cooking?
where has our world travelling Tabitha gone on her latest vacation?
what fabulous things has Reggie been collecting?
who is worth quoting according to Christina?
when is David going to temp us with more vintage travel posts?
how was Pseu's trip to Paris?

Yes people, so many questions, so little time
there are things that I need to know
and to comment upon
but until then
I want to recommend 
this informative post by our Canadian jewelry expert
on how to restyle vintage fine jewelry

If you own a piece of fine jewelry that you are unlikely to wear
you can either sell your jewelry
or restyle it.
Unlike costume jewelry, fine jewelry isn't static. 
It can often be transformed into a more wearable item.
For example, at we like to restyle vintage bar brooches into pendants.
Here's a Montana sapphire bar brooch which has been restyled into a pendant.

Another real life example of a restyled piece
is Lisa's art deco diamond brooch which has been added to a gold bangle bracelet
This bangle is totally wearable and brings the best of old and new jewelry together.
I'd wear this piece in a New York minute, wouldn't you?