Catching Up With The Kennedys

I know, I'm kinda slow about these things but I finally got around to watching The Kennedys miniseries.
Have you seen it?
I thought that the production value was excellent and that the acting was superb. 

I was particularly impressed with Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr. and Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy.
And who knew that Katie Holmes would make such a great Jackie.

Appreciate the Kennedys as a political dynasty or not
you can't help but be impressed with Jackie.
That woman was a study in grace under pressure.
In spite of putting up with a lot of tawdry nonsense from her husband,
she always kept up appearances and was an excellent First Lady.

It's no wonder that 50 years after Camelot, Jackie remains a style icon.

And on the topic of tawdry
I rather enjoy these Marilyn vs Jackie videos