Bridal Shoes | Wedding Dress | Mix and Match


One of the most important aspects with all wedding shoes is that they must match your dress. They have to work well together and complement one another. One key element to focus on when choosing is the type of the day you are going to have. This means you have to focus on the following:

o What time of day?

o What time of Year?

o The Weather

o The Location


All of these elements make a big impact on the type of shoes you should wear. For example, if you are going to have in the evening, you will want to choose evening type of shoes, perhaps sandals with elegant straps. If you are having a winter ceremony, obviously you will want "wintery" type as well. Summer are more relaxed in the shoe department, particularly if you are having an outside.

Now another thing to pay close attention to the color of your dress. It may look "white", but there are so many different types of white. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is take a swatch with the exact color of your dress to get your shoes. This is the best way to make sure the color matches the color of your dress exactly.

Now you have to look at your styles. The style of your dress, as well as your own style should play an important factor. Now, your shoes can come with a lot of details and embellishments, but these can play a part in not matching your dress. If you eliminate these, you will have a much better chance of getting a match that is perfect.


However, if you must have the embellishments and designs, you can get these, but make sure they match as well. For example, if you have a pearled dress, you can get beaded shoes. If you are wearing a dress that is sequined, shiny, or bejeweled, bridal shoes with crystals and rhinestones would be a great match. [via]