"Shoe Series - Red Prom Shoes"

Red prom shoes add a touch of boldness to the special occasion. Very few people would expect this color for an event, which typically sees plenty of neutral and light hues. So, you can expect a lot of heads turning.

If you decide on wearing red heels, you would have to build your outfit feet up. Select a dress based on your shoes. Red is a dominant and strong color and it overpowers everything.

To match with the shoes, select a dress featuring red accent. Vintage polka dot prom dress is a great choice. Its wide waist shines in red, with a hint of red piping along lower hemline. It doesn't steal the spotlight from other fabulous shoes - it is red enough to strike a balance from toe to head.

Range of Red Prom Shoes

While selecting red prom shoe, either keep it very subtle and simple, or select those which are blazing, glamorous, glitzy and stars of the show. Either ways, you have plenty of options to select from.

Some shoes feature cute bow on vamp, and a comfortable, easy sling-back style. Despite their color, they are quite relaxed and understated. They also lack intense shine.

While others come with a choice thirteen different ribbons, including red. Simply wrap them around your ankle for an eye catching look. This ensures that they don't fall as you walk and dance around.

Use Slides

Often, the most practical choice for a long prom night is slides. They give less chance to the wearer to fall and slip. For a sharp look, these special occasion heels are decorated with light eye catching sequins.