Pair of Wedding Shoes. I Dont Care

I really don’t. I probably own about 10 pairs of shoes and that includes a few pairs of heels I’ve never actually worn. I can pretty much always be found wearing a very basic pair of black flats that I wear until they are worn out (read: completely destroyed), and then I move onto the next pair. Basically, it comes down to this: if I had an extra $100 to spend on something fun, I’d never spend it on shoes.

As a result, wedding shoes haven’t been too high on my list of priorities. There has been no scouring stores or searching on every website I can think of. I also tend to skip every post on all of my favourite wedding websites about shoes. While I’ve meticulously researched pretty much every other detail about our wedding, I just can’t get excited about shoes.

So, how does a girl who doesn’t care about shoes find her some wedding shoes? Here’s how it went down.

I was shopping with one of my BMs a few weeks ago and I found a pretty pair of shoes on a nice sale. However, I decided that I was too poor to be buying wedding shoes at the moment. Fast forward to last Sunday, when I happened by that store again (Town Shoes on Bloor St.) and remembered the shoes. At that point I’d gotten my tax refund and wasn’t feeling so poor, so I bought the shoes. Done!