Putting Things Into Perspective

It's easy to get the feeling that we live and work in some kind of parallel universe considering that:

1. it is beautiful about 325 days of the year in Southern California
2.  our office is located on one of the nicest commercial streets in the US
3.  we work with wonderful people and with a product that is intrinsically beautiful
4.  most importantly, our clients are awesome

In our world the biggest disappointment that can occur in our daily working life is finding out that our product is not going to be worn by an A-list star on the cover of a major international fashion magazine. 
While PR and branding are very important to building our business, we accept that these things happen. 
It's a process and we plod along and hope for another opportunity.

Today, we have another sunny day with mild temperatures and clear blue skies.
The fresh faced beauty and daughter of Sissy Spacek , Schuyler Fisk, is wearing bangle bracelets from Beladora.com in this month's issue of Vanity Fair.
We are pleased.

It would be easy to forget that on the other side of the world this is going on.

But we haven't forgotten. 
We have clients in Australia and we are worried about them, indeed about all of the people in flooded areas.
Hopefully the waters will recede soon.

Aussies are undeniably resilient people.
They will deal with this once in a lifetime natural disaster far better than we dealt with the Hurricane Katrina flooding.  But the worst isn't over yet and there will be months if not years of clearing debris and rebuilding.
We wish them potable water, electricity, available food and godspeed to get through this trial by water.