Appropriate Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes With Fur

Some brides do not realize the importance of choosing the right shoes for their ceremony. Remember that during your day, you will be walking down the aisle and not the catwalk so pick a pair that actually suits the occasion. Come in a wide variety of designs, materials and brands. However, there are some things that you need to consider very carefully before settling for one.

First of all, make sure that you already have your gown figured out. The last thing you want to happen is to buy an expensive pair that does not complement the dress. If the dress that you will be wearing has a lot of bead work, it would be ideal to stick with a simpler and plainer pair of shoes.

You should also take note of the heels. Okay, so you probably walk in 4 inch heels when you go out and party but remember that this is a ceremony and not a party. You will probably need to wear it for the next six or so hours and the last thing you want would be incredibly painful feet. There are lower heels that will still compliment dresses, unless you want to add a couple more inches to your height. The bottom line is you have to find a comfortable pair.

The next thing you need to consider would be the location and the reception venue. If you will be holding your in a garden, it would be best to wear flatter shoes, most especially if the earth is damp from dew (for early morning) or a previous rainfall. Higher shoes will definitely squish their way through the earth, leaving your pretty white shoes in a mudpack. The same idea goes for beach, where your heels will probably pierce through the fine sand and, if you are really unfortunate, cause you to sprain your ankle. [via]