Cultivating Our Own Gardens

With the Arab Spring turning into an Arab Winter
floods, earthquakes and tsunamis of old testament intensity,
childish chavs in London defacing if that is going to do any good
deep structural unemployment in the US with little sign of economic growth
General Electric, the 2nd largest corporation in the world paying no US income tax...
(btw, with all of the money GE has saved...has GE hired any new employees in the US...any?)
a higher education bubble that's about to burst
states going bankrupt
commodity prices going through the roof
and the list goes on an on
In a world that seems to be spinning out of control, what is one to do?

Put your own house in order, of course
A good place to start is with what I call Reggie's Rules For Order
Go take a gander at
Reggie's Top 10 (little) Rules for Keeping It Together

The only thing that I would add to Reggie's excellent post is that
we should all cultivate our own gardens
in the literal as well as the philosophical sense.

No this isn't my garden...but I wish that it was.
I have only the space to grow fresh mint, basil, parsley, tarragon, cilantro, rosemary and thyme.
But if I had the precious land I would hope that my summer harvest would look like this
with some lemons, limes, oranges and avocados
this is Southern California after all.

But seriously, isn't putting one's own home and garden in order the only response to watching the world going to hell?