Color of The Wedding Shoes

Recent dilemma what color to choose for wedding shoes. With the recent trend moving away from white or ivory , more and more brides are now choosing a different color. Some brides choose fantastic red satin shoes while other will go for a more demure teal shoe or a softer color. If you are a bride considering a different color shoe, below are some things to think about before you choose.

First, what are your wedding colors? Many brides will choose a shoe to match their color. Since the wedding color is also a color that their bridesmaids are possibly wearing or a color of their flowers, this is an excellent choice. The shoes will match with the rest of the theme and will coordinate well with everyone else's colors. If you are a bride considering this route, then carefully think through the color of your flowers and bridesmaid dresses and choose the color that will complement this the best, or choose the same color.

Second, are you looking for something blue to add to your day outfit? If this is the case, go ahead and choose some blue shoes. Blue shoes are a great option for that something blue that you want to wear. Plus, it is something that can be seen by other people unlike your underwear or tiny blue studs that you put in your ears. Blue shoes are distinctive and give a certain glamorous look.

Third, are you looking for something to spice up your outfit? If this is the case, then consider a pair of fuchsia shoes or red wedding shoes. Either pair of shoes will work nicely to enhance your look and make you look a little sexy on your wedding day. Of course, brides don't usually want to look too sexy, but this is why your wedding dress is long enough to cover your shoes. Therefore, the only people that will see those great shoes are your husband and any other people that look down while you dance.

Finally, are you looking for shoes that you might wear again after your day? If that is the case, going for a pair of shoes in a different color other than white is a good option since white are really hard to wear later on. Any other color is an excellent choice to wear with future outfits, especially jeans or dark pants and a white shirt. Also, you won't feel guilty about spending more on your shoes since you know you will have an opportunity to wear those again.