Around Town - A Small Birthday Bash At La Sandia

My girlfriends and I have a tradition of celebrating each other's birthdays by going out to dinner.  Last night we had a great dinner party for my glamorous friend Lillian at La Sandia restaurant located upstairs at the new and improved Santa Monica Place.
You can't be a native southern Californian and not have an appreciation for fine Mexican food. It's nurture food for me because I've been noshing on it my entire life.  But strangely, here in Mexico Norte, or rather Los Angeles, great Mexican cuisine is actually difficult to find.  Mostly we have chain restaurants and taco stands. Fortunately, with Mexico City raised and Culinary Institute trained uber chef Richard Sandoval, we now have La Sandia.

Margarita's and freshly made guacamole were the first course....naturally. Followed by  shrimp ceviche and quesadillas and then entrees of traditional dishes of chile relleno, carnitas, soft tacos, etc.,
and of course more margaritas.
Dessert was a delicious trio of traditional Mexican sweets stepped up a notch with a sparkler.

La Sandia is now my local go to place for margaritas and quality Mexican food.
Hopefully, the next Richard Sandoval restaurant that I try will be Ketsi at the Four Seasons Hotel in Punta Mita.
I can dream...