News from Capistrano and Tustin

Here's a great old postcard image of poinsettias growing along the bell wall at Mission San Juan Capistrano. See what happens if you plant them instead of putting them out by the garbage on Dec. 26th?

It seems the County of Orange now has a plan to save the historic North Hangar at the old MCAS Tustin Lighter-Than-Air Base. See the Register's recent article for details. Tustin resident a historical jack-of-all-trades Guy Ball writes, "The blimp hangers [are] not only historical landmarks but they 'say' Orange County as much as the Golden Gate bridge says San Francisco and the Empire State Building says New York City. They played an amazing role in the county's effort to defend against the enemy during World War II, the Korean War and Operation Desert Storm. To many of the servicemen and women who came to Naval Air Station Santa Ana/Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, this base was their first taste of Orange County and the place that made them decide to settle here and raise families."

Speaking of Tustin, the Tustin Area Historical Society is hosting a second signing event for Juanita Lovret's new book, Tustin As It Once Was, on Dec. 17, 10am-2pm. The book is $20, with all funds going to TAHS.

The historic Cook Barn (1898) on Del Obispo St. in San Juan Capistrano burned down earlier this month. The O.C. Fire Authority deemed the fire's cause accidental.