Photos Of Partially Assembled iPhone 4s iPhone 5 Leak!

MacPost acquired leaked photos of an iPhone 4s prototype all torn apart, its entrails dragged out from within its body. (See the gory photo above.) 

This purported iPhone 4s looks much like a white iPhone 4, though MacPost says it features the new A5 chip and a "similar form factor." The iPhone 4s is rumored to be the cheaper of the two iPhones supposedly being released by Apple this year, a lower-cost version of theiPhone 4 for budget shoppers. Head over to MacPost for more pictures of the iPhone 4s prototype in all its disembowelled glory. 

How do we know the iPhone 5 is coming soon? Sources, of course. All of these sources had been anonymous, however, until one big, famous, Vice Presidential, lockbox-y man came forward with an iPhone 5 rumor of his own...