Ride the Roads to Romance (1950)

Last month I posted a series of Newport Harbor maps by Claude G. Putnam, and also mentioned the 1946 map he created for the "Roads to Romance" campaign. Well, one of our regular readers, Douglas S. McIntosh, scanned selected portions of a1950 Roads to Romance map (also by Putnam) in his collection for inclusion in today's Roundup post.
"The map measures 35" x 22"," writes Doug, "so you only get bets & pieces at a time. ...I focused on O.C. for you." (Click to enlarge any of these images.) Note the "Bolsa Chica Dev[elopment]", "Knott's Ghost Town," and, as Doug puts it, "Look, Ma! No Disneyland!"
Speaking of what isn't on the map, it's kind of surprising how few attractions are promoted on a promotional piece like this. A lot of tourist spots that could have been represented here, like the art colony at Laguna Beach or the casino on Catalina, just aren't there. Odd.
The image below is pasted together from the various parts of the map Doug sent. I'd love to see the whole thing framed and up on the wall someday.