Conspicuous Consumption Italian Style

Giorgio ArmaniYes, there is no question that that he is an extremely talented designer.
He is also a brilliant businessman as we all know.
But what is he up to now?
The WSJ told us in their profile of him last weekend.
The Future of Armani
Giorgio Armani single-handedly built a billion-dollar brand his own way, but where does his empire go from here?

One of Armani's properties
Armani on his uber-yacht

Few people in the fashion world are as entwined with their brands. In most companies, a creative director designs and an executive manages. Armani does both. Many important designers, including Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, work under contract for brands that aren't their own. Armani hasn't designed for anyone else in more than 30 years. Most houses are owned by large conglomerates, and for those that still belong to their founding families, ownership is usually shared. Armani owns 100 percent of Giorgio Armani SpA.
I have enormous respect for how he has built his empire, I really do.
And I don't begrudge anyone for building a successful business.
But when I see photos of him cavorting posing on his uber-yacht and photos of his properties, it just reminds me that his profit margins are too high.
Cavalli uber-yacht

Prada's America's Cup uber racing yacht

Like Roberto Cavalli and Miuccia Prada...fellow uber-yacht owners, that kind of in your face conspicuous consumption just makes me feel that these designers are laughing all the way to their off shore bank accounts.

Is it only me, or are there any designer brands or product that you just wont buy on principal?