Do You Know About Thinspo?

I didn't really know much about this but I do now
and I'm here to share.
Thinspo is short for Thinsperation or Thin Inspiration which is a group of websites and blogs that encourage extreme thinness to anorexia.
Since there seems to be a support group for everything in our culture,
I guess that I shouldn't be surprised.

Thinspo blogs, which seem to be all over Tumbler, are full of photos, inspirational slogans and weight goals with their associated rewards
Take for example, Skinny is the New Pretty and Slim it Out

The Huffingtonpost has written a great article on the subject
The Hunger Blogs:  A Secret World of Teenage Thinspiration
Here's a little bit
Sixteen-year-old Antonia (last name withheld) also runs a popular, photo-based thinspo blog out of her bedroom. "I like images that show skinny, happy girls," she writes in an email to the Huffington Post. "They look so confident and we can see their bones through their skin. It's the most beautiful thing ever. I also like tips about food or how to ignore hunger."

My observation is this, we are a society of extremes. 
We don't do much in moderation.
At one end of the spectrum we've got children and adults with outrageous obesity
even babies are being born fat now.
At the other end we have an entire online culture dedicated promoting not just healthy thinness but full on anorexia.

Granted, I don't think that it is easy for anyone to be even normal weight anymore
with frankenfoods full of high fructose corn syrup
and sedentary lifestyles sitting behind a computer keyboard.

Here is a photo of a normal sized model next to a plus size model
another example of extremes.

Will it be enough to encourage the promotion of female body type that is in a normal range, I don't know. But it can't hurt.