Los Alamitos mystery dude, Anaheim tour, etc.

I stopped past the Los Alamitos Museum today. It's quite an interesting array of stuff they have in that old County Fire Station. (More on that later.) I was curious about this painting, (shown above), which was on display with no identifying information. The docents, who were otherwise quite helpful and friendly, couldn't tell me about the painting either. I'm wondering if anyone reading this will have an answer for me. The painting appears to be on wood and seems quite old. But I am not an expert on these things.

The Anaheim Neighborhood Association will hold a Historic Home Tour, May 26-27. See their website for details.

Architect Richard Dodd will present the program "TheEvolution of Architectural Styles in Orange County: 1776 to the Present," on June 6, at 7pm, in the Central Patio Room at Sherman Gardens & Libraryin Corona del Mar. The program is free if you RSVP to (949) 673-2261.