iPhone 5 release in September or October

When will the iPhone 5? A new iPhone 5 will be released no earlier than summer 2012. To many, the iPhone 4S as a stopgap measure by Apple for not ready in time become completely redesigned iPhone 5 Now there are new reports that confirm this rumor.The information on the launch of the iPhone in September or October 2012 are condensed. Makotakara.jp has this info from a reliable source. Apple also plans in the coming years more in this period a new iPhone release. And internal sources of the suppliers of the iPhone hardware confirmed according Macrumors.com this targeted date.

iPhone 5: Release date in the summer of 2012?

The website 9to5mac.com reported, citing a Foxconn employees that production of the iPhone 5 is already in the wings and could get the new Apple phone in the summer on the market. In addition to the iPhone 5 to be fitted with a new design and a display with at least four inches on the diagonal. More detailed information about features and release betrayed the Foxconn employees, however.

LTE support as good as the Apple smartphone safely

According to the news website Bloomberg.com , the mass production of the new iPad 3 started in China this month. Internal sources tell of a tablet with 2048 x 1536 pixels and LTE chip. Conversely, Katey says Huberty, an analyst at investment bank Morgan Stanley, according to that the upcoming iPhone 5 also supports the fast LTE, be equipped with a quad-mod-chip from Qualcomm will and should be much thinner, as the iPhone 4S (9.3 millimeters). Whether it comes to weight loss on Android smartphones like the Motorola RAZR (7.1 mm at the thinnest point) comes on, but is rather unlikely.

iPhone 5: evidence for four-core processor in iOS 5.1

The website 9to5mac.com has found evidence on a quad-core processor for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 in the beta of iOS 5.1. Accordingly, the notes refer to the processor management software. So shall the source code found in the name “/ cores/core.3″ for a quad-core CPU available. On the iPhone 4S dual-core CPU, the processor in “/ cores/core.1″ and is run on Apple mobile phones with single-core CPUs “/ core/core.0″. It is quite possible that even the iPad 3 with quad-core processor on the market and is the next generation iPhone will follow suit.

iPad 3 and iTV are on the back

As the Techblog bgr.com reported that Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee Analayst expects that the iPhone 5 in the summer with a radically altered design hits the market. In addition to a larger display and a thinner and schnittigerem housing should have the iPhone 5 in each case, the 4G mobile standard LTE, said Wu. The analyst is also to ensure that the next generation iPhone will bring more attention than the iPad 3 or a possible iTV. In addition, the iPhone is the product that Apple makes the most profit.

Apple iPhone 5: IGZO panels from Sharp

According Digitimes.com of Apple’s suppliers, sources report that the future mobile devices will be equipped IGZO displays. The IGZO technology (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) Sharp will make a much higher resolution and lower energy consumption. A IGZO panel can be used for LCD and OLED displays, replacing the silicon layer. The display of the iPad 3 could thus in the rumors are bandied QXGA resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Sharp is said to have already changed some of its production from large to smaller panels. The higher resolution display would then of course for the Apple iPhone 5 in question.

Latest rumors about release and Design

How bgr.com claims to have learned from a reliable source, the new iPhone will come in the fall of 2012 only five on the market. It would therefore be a year after the iPhone 4S will be published – that’s the usual Apple rhythm. Back to the Roots: The iPhone will also have an aluminum back. On Covers Apple probably wants to avoid, because the iPhone is a curved frame 5 are made ​​of rubber or plastic. This framework is intended to connect the glass front with the new aluminum back and make a brand new antenna system. The antenna of the iPhone coming to sit in the border completely, which can cause the aluminum on the back no problem with the network connection.

Curved screen and new battery technolog

The Apple several months ago purchased glass cutting machines in the last few days come into focus. As thewebsiteWorldNewElectronics.com reported with other sites you want the next Apple phone next to a curved back and a curvy display have. That would bring Apple’s design of the Galaxy Nexus TV whose entire body is slightly curved. Another current rumor is concerned with the smartphone battery ongoing issue. After the maturity of the iPhone 4S have caused negative publicity, Apple seems to continue no longer rely on lithium-ion batteries will be. This is suggested by the U.S. Patent Office freepatentsonline.com published Apple patent through a fuel cell for mobile devices. The hydrogen fuel cell described in the patent to be not only smaller but also more powerful than an ordinary battery. Apple expects the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks provided fuel cell transit times of several days or even weeks without intermediate charging. If the fuel cell in the iPhone 5 or 6 are used in the iPhone, Apple would have an enormous advantage over its competitors. So far, the fuel cell can be produced but not cost effective.

iPhone 5: LTE was indirectly confirmed by Apple

According to Japanese magazine Nikkei Business Apple and the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo have signed an LTE contract.The agreement between the two parties shall provide that the next Apple devices iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are equipped with LTE chips. Unlike in Europe, Japan already has LTE standard, the 4G network completely removed on the island. Therefore it seems logical that Apple has this market to assure the first to go when it comes to mobile with time.

iPhone 5: Apple is testing GPUs for high-definition display

As mentioned in other macrumors.com to read, Apple is testing according to reports from independent sources, currently 14 GPU driver versions for the iPhone. Several of these drivers are designed to operate with a display resolution of 1280 x 720. A GPU will allow even a resolution of 1440 x 800 pixels. In addition to all drivers either be designed for dual-or quad-core CPUs. It is possible that some of the drivers for the new iPad 3 are intended. An iPhone display size of 3.5 inches would make no sense for such a resolution. So if one of the two resolutions on aniPhone with a 4-inch display can be realized, it would have a significant rethinking of app developers to follow, because the aspect ratio of the two resolutions is different than that of the current retinal display (960 x 640 ).

Metal shell with 4-inch display

From a reliable source, Apple wants the blog iLounge.com have learned that the iPhone will not arrive before 5 in the presumed shape with rounded edges on the market. In addition, a 4-inch display seems certain. Apple will make the new iPhone is not thicker, but 8 mm longer in order to build in a stronger battery can. The glass panels of a soft metal sleeve (probably aluminum). This is intended for summer 2012 new iPhone is still in the engineering phase and with anLTE chip for 4G speeds to be equipped.

iPhone prototype was test

An inside source from the industry has over Businessinsider.com indicated that they had tested a prototype of the all-new iPhone 5 for several weeks. In addition, the claims, according to Business Insider reliable source that the iPhone should be released in fall 2011.Only three months before the presentation it was decided finally.

Pre-Siri and 10 Megapixels

The source claims that their prototype had been tested by a 4-inch screen, a slimmer body with an aluminum back, a significantly enhanced performance and a touch home button. The battery life is said to be significantly lower than that of the iPhone 4 A 10-megapixel camera and a pre-beta version of Siri was also installed in the prototype.

Liquid Metal and concerns with the display

The final iPhone 5 should, according to the source from the amorphous liquid metal made for the Apple holds a patent held. Sun iPhones have been possible with different colors. Uncertain is the insider in relation to the reason for the postponement of the device.Apple employees who knew of the prototype also attended, that Steve Jobs had concerns about the larger displays. This would have been due to the dissolution of fragmentation among the IOS apps spring up which would be one of Apple’s main arguments against Android become null and void.

iPhone 5: In Apple’s IOS source code discovered

9to5mac.com has made ​​the source code of IOS Beta 5.1, the name found iPhone 5.1.This suggests that the newiPhone from Apple is already on the list and internally as an iPhone 5 applies. The velocity jump from 4 to 5 x, where x is distinct changes of the inner life and design. Even the iPhone 3G was in contrast to the original iPhone-only labeled as 1.2, as something other than technique has not been changed. In the text you read the newly surfaced before the launch of the iPhone 4S rumors about the iPhone 5, with the particulars of the source correspond mostly by businessinsider.com.

HSPA + and Touch Pad

The vice-president of China Unicom has just before the 4th October at the Macworld Asia 2011, the data standard of the next Apple smartphone unveiled the iPhone at this time called 5 was. According to the information and images of the Japanese website pc.watchshould the iPhone 5 with HSPA +, the data rates to 21 Mbits per second Download promising work. This information is not to drift to the iPhone 4S. A previously leaked screen-film and matching iPhone cases have micgadget.com According to their Urpsung in a prototype that was stolen from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. Foil envelopes and are characterized mainly by the fact: A flatter, the edges rounded design, a larger display and a wide opening for the Home button, which will probably be replaced by a touch pad.

iPhone 5: Design rumors

A new feature of IOS 5 is called the iPhoto photo-streaming service. As MacRumors.com says, the startup screen shows the service both in the IOS beta, as well as Mac OS X Lion an iPhone icon whose style does not match that of the iPhone 4. In an enlarged version of the icon is clearly visible: The iPhone has a larger home button and a 4-inch screen.Since the icon is officially from Apple, it can hardly be a coincidence.