Architectural salvage material available NOW!

As part of a recent settlement agreement with the City of Santa Ana concerning vintage properties in the Lacy neighborhood, the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society is conducting emergency architectural salvage over the next week. Because of time and storage limitations they are offering cut-rate prices on salvage items to local individuals (no dealers please) who can come to the site and haul away items as they are pulled out. They want to keep these items in the hands of Orange County residents if at all possible.

Their salvage work must be completed by May 30th, so this is a great opportunity for those of you engaged in (or contemplating) remodeling or restoration. The structures being salvaged range from 1890s to 1930s and contain beautiful hardwood. Items are in various condition, some pristine, some with minor damage, and are sold "as-is". Here is only a partial list of vintage items available now:

  • doors and surrounds (some gumwood)

  • windows (casement and double hung)

  • claw foot tubs (with and without feet)

  • corner bathroom sinks and full country kitchen sinks

  • built in dining room and kitchen cabinets

  • Murphy beds (with complete hardware, some with doors)

  • California coolers and shelves

  • mirrored medicine cabinets

  • built in window seats

  • picture rail, baseboards, chair rail

  • small gas stoves

  • mail slots

  • Victorian corner fireplace and mantle

  • decorative pillars

  • full hardwood staircase and banisters

  • pocket doors

  • pillars

If you're interested, please call Lisa at (714) 788-9148 immediately to arrange to come and view the items and get a price quote. Remember, they must have all salvage completed by May 30, and proceeds will benefit the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society.