Thanks to volunteers!

With a few rare exceptions most local history work is done by volunteers. Come to that, even the few people with jobs in the field tend to spend much of their free time volunteering to do more.

We sometimes hear people complain that nobody's written a book on a particular topic, or that a particular historic site wasn't preserved. Honestly folks,... If you want to see this stuff done, you probably have to do it yourself. YCPLHSOYA: You Can't Promote Local History Sitting On Your Ass.

I can't possibly thank everyone who contributes to the cause -- That kind of thing could easily take over my whole blog. But I do I want to thank some folks who went out of their way to help the Orange County Historical Society in the past few weeks. At the Anaheim Historical Society’s Home Tour, OCHS volunteers included Phil Brigandi, Don Dobmeier, Judy Moore, and Tom Pickett, (all seen in front of the Woelke-Stoffel House in the photo above,) as well as Kevin DeMera, Teri Vaughn, and John Bushman.
Thanks also to Adam England, Daralee Ota (both seen in the photo above) and Don Dobmeier (again), who staffed the OCHS table at Rancho Fiesta Day at Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro. (We tend to have at least two people at our booth, so volunteers can spell each other off and go exploring for a while.) Adam even brought rancho “artifacts” to decorate the booth.

Both the Anaheim Historical Society and Heritage Hill were excellent hosts. I thank them for inviting us and hope we’ll get the chance to be involved in their events again in the future.

Big thanks also to the Chris Epting and Maria Hall Brown and the team at KOCE who put together a great segment for Real Orange, letting people know about the exhibit, "On Location: Orange County In Silent Films." (On display at the Old Courthouse Museum through Aug. 5th.) You made me look better than I deserve!