Karma is a Beyotch!

OK...so maybe it wasn't Instant Karma as it took us a decade to get Osama bin Laden
but get him we did!
He wasn't even hiding in some mountain cave in Waziristan  fighting for his cause.
He was in a mansion compound in Abottabad, which you could describe as the Montecito of Pakistan. 
Just another comfort loving hypocrite.
Whatever...he's history now.

So for my dear friend Carolyn Beug, and for all the others who lost their lives in 9/11 and in the embassy bombings in Africa orchestrated by bin Laden,
may you all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun

At my advanced age I've experience enough in my life to know that karma really is a beyotch. 
No you might not get what's coming to you right away, but eventually you will get yours. 
Who on earth do you think you are, a superstar?
If you've done wrong you'd better hope for some instant karma 
because the longer it takes you to get your comeuppance
the worse the the slap down is going to be.
Just saying.