Memorial Day and The Santa Monica Mountains

Unlike in northern climes where the seasons are clearly delineated
there is generally some question about what the true seasons are in Southern California
Some say Flood, Fire, Mud, and Drought
Others say Fire, Mudslide, Earthquake and Riots
Yesterday, while strangely cold in the morning it began to feel like early Summer
aka early Fire season in the afternoon
One wouldn't say that down in the flats of Beverly Hills or Brentwood
where roses and jacaranda trees are blooming profusely
but up in the hills there are already signs of the start of a dry hot Summer
These are my photos from my hike in the hills yesterday
you can see how close the trail is to the ocean
which brings so much moisture from the marine layer
yet dryness is everywhere
in another month most of the green on the hills will be gone
 It amazes me that some wild flowers can be in full bloom and lush
amid other plants that are utterly dead and dry
don't they both have the exact same exposure to both water and sun?
With a book to listen to on my ipod, I can hike alone on the trail for hours
and I do

It is Memorial Day today
and I am sincerely thankful for what so many others have sacrificed for this country
so that I can spend my weekends wandering in the hills.