First Lady Fashion - Really Michelle...Really?

How is it that Michelle Obama can look so perfectly appropriate one night
as she does in this Tom Ford gown and dangle earrings
and then then the next night
totally blow it with pairing a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress
with tacky and trashy Tom Binns costume jewelry?
With access to all of the great new fine jewelry created by American jewelry designers
not to mention all the beautiful estate jewelry that could easily be loaned to her
why would she choose to wear art project gone wrong costume jewelry nonsense by an Irish designer?
No disrespect to the Irish here...
it's just that Michelle Obama's job is to promote American design, products and industry

as Carla Bruni Sarkozy does so well for the fashion and jewelry houses of France.

Is Mrs Obama even aware of the fact that there is a fine jewelry industry in the US that employs thousands of Americans and provides tax revenue to coffers of Washington DC?
I don't care what she wears in her private life,
but her fashion choices for a state dinner should reflect her position as First Lady.

I am so annoyed by this that I'm adding to my post
Since virtually any American fine jewelry designer would have happily loaned the first lady jewelry
why couldn't her people have contacted some of the great American women designers
such as
Rhonda Faber Green
Cathy Waterman
Lorraine Schwartz
Cynthia Bach
Elizabeth Locke
Judith Ripka
Lori Rodkin
Wendy B
and the list goes on and on....

Mrs. Obama, please promote your peeps.