Stevie Nicks Sings For Sara

Stevie and Sara
Back in July of 2008 I blogged about the special relationship between Stevie Nicks and Sara the beautiful daughter of my dear friend Joe, who died at the age of 24 after battling a rare form of cancer for 7 years.
Here is the link to the post
Stevie Nicks - A Class Act

Well, Stevie Nicks has finally released her first studio album since 2001, "In Your Dreams", and not forgetting her special relationship she has dedicated the album to Sara.
Here's what Nicks had to say about it in an interview in

'In Your Dreams' is dedicated to "Sara, my sweet girl," tell me about her?
Sara was a girl that had a very rare kind of cancer, and our friend Lisa Loeb connected me and her parents. They brought her to a show, and we became very close. She was about 21 when I met her, and she'd been fighting this cancer since she was 17. I was in very close contact with her and her parents through three years. In 2008, [after a Fleetwood Mac tour], I flew to Pennsylvania and spent a day with her. She died three days later

I lost my best friend to leukemia 30 years ago. There was a very similar feeling, except that when I lost Robin [Anderson], I was on the road and everybody was high, so it was horrible. I never got to really grieve about that because I was in the midst of this whole big Fleetwood Mac thing. But when Sara died, I was in Mexico in a very quiet house, and I was hit extremely hard. She loved my music so much, and she wanted me to do another record so much, and I was still on that "I'm never going to do another record" kick.

I just loved her so much, and it was very hard to lose her. She fought a really good fight between 17 and 24, and I dedicated the record to her because I felt in so many ways that it belonged to her.

All of this just goes on to remind me that life is truly very short and our time spent with the the ones that we care about  is so very precious and shouldn't be taken for granted.

Taking a tip from Belette Rouge, recently I've been listening to a lot of meaningful songs, personal anthems if you will, with lyrics that express my feelings in way that is more on point than anything I could write on my own.  I am not a poet.
Wouldn't you know it that Stevie Nick's new album would just happen to have another one of these songs that would be so meaningful to me at this very specific time in my life.
In fact it is the perfect song for the now ex Mr BHB.

i used to love you
see light inside of you
i used to dream that
you were an angel

This is such a beautiful ballad, don't you agree?
It may never become a commercial hit because of the long 5 minute running time which is almost impossible for radio play, but I do hope that she will get millions of downloads of it.