Tacos and websites

Today's photo shows the grand opening of the 100th Taco Bell in the chain, at 400 S. Brookhurst in Anaheim in 1967. There's still a Taco Bell near the same location today, but don't expect to see our little fiberglass friend out front, or the colorful signage, or the bell, or local officials in business suits. [Update: Thanks to Gustavo Arellano for pointing out that the current restaurant is in a newer building at an adjacent location. Sometimes I should just "Ask an Anaheimer" to begin with.]

I'm down with a cold-type bug right now, so I've had time to check the links on my blog. I fixed a number of them, and stumbled across some other items of potential interest:

1) The Heritage Museum of Orange County (that's the place with the Kellogg House, dontchaknow) is now on Facebook. Go friend the heck out of them!

2) The Nixon Foundation is now offering a blog to help you keep up with all things Nixony.

3) The Orange County History group on Flickr now has over 4,000 images.

4) Both the Seal Beach Historical Society and the Orange County Mexican American Historical Society seem to have completely given up on their respective websites. If you know about new URLs for these groups, please let me know and I will update accordingly.

5) I also added a link to the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton.

If you know about other sites I should link to, or have other updates for the ol' Roundup, please let me know. Your comments are appreciated.