Summer Fun

Pseu has been to Paris, Tabitha has been to the South of France, David has been to Scandinavia

As I've mentioned before, I was so looking forward to taking a vacation in Southern Italy
especially because I had expected my bother to move to Naples this month.
I was so looking forward to plenty of  pizza, pasta and Prada.
Unfortunately, things didn't work out as expected and he will most likely be moving to a place where recently the streets looked something like this.
Obviously, I won't be visiting him in that part of the world this summer.

Instead, I'm off to place that looks like this
where there will be plenty of cerveza, seviche and sunshine
I'm hoping to get in some sports too,a little tennis, kayaking and horseback riding
then again, I may just lay hang out on the hanging beds on the beach and read my books
I was inspired to try this resort because Jill had written about it on her blog
god knows if it's good enough for Jill it will definitely be good enough for me!

Where are you going on vacation this summer?