Amy Winehouse - And She Said Blow, Blow, Blow

In my own contrarian way I have to admit that I am insufficiently sensitive when it comes to Amy  Winehouse's recent admission into The 27 Club.

It's not that I didn't appreciate her talent, I did.
And I do find it extraordinarily sad for any person, young or old, to be imprisoned by addiction.
But really, being found with heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and horse tranquilizer...WTF was wrong with her?

I've known young people who could barely come up with the funds to go through rehab.  They struggled not just physically and emotionally but financially to kick their habits. They had to quit their jobs spend months in treatment and start their careers all over again.
Winehouse on the other hand, leaving a 10 million GBP estate, she could handily afford the very best rehab program and long term treatment.
Sorry but like many others, she just didn't want to clean up her act.
From Lindsey Lohan to Charlie Sheen to Amy Winehouse, I guess that I'm just sick and tired of celebrities and their drug problems. 

Also, while watching the news on the TV at the gym over the weekend, I was amazed about how the major channels had virtually nothing to report about the tragedy in Norway and went on and on about Amy Winehouse. 

Now, you probably disagree with me and that's OK.
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