Evangeline restoration, living history, and parks

Glad tidings! First of all, my computer is (mostly) working now, so I can post again. But also, I was just sent a link to the very impressive plans for the exterior restoration of the historic Evangeline Hotel (1906) in Huntington Beach! (Links to old photos here and here.) Just for starters, they're tearing off the asbestos siding, putting back the cedar shingles, and replicating the original porch pillars. And better yet, it's going to be a residence, not a rehab facility or halfway house. I've lost count of how many times the Evangeline seemed doomed, so this is an especially pleasant surprise. (See the plans here.)

The Orange County Historical Commission is hosting three days of how-to workshops on "living history" later this month. It will begin with a two-day intensive training entitled, "What is Living History: Techniques to Bring History to Life" on July 14 & 15, 9am to 4pm at Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro. On Saturday, a class entitled “Past Voices, Present Faces” will be held at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana. The instructor will be John C.F. Luzader, V.P. of Programs for the National Association for Interpretation. He is also a principal with Living Museums of the West, a historical consultant, and an actor. For more information, contact Sue McIntire at (949) 923-2231.

The Voice of OC recently posted an article about the history and development of parks in Orange County. It's very interesting, and I learned a number of things from it. Link on over.